MatterHackers Millennium Machines Milo-v1.5 Printed Parts 80mm Spindle Mount

DIY CNC 3D printed parts kits for the Millennium Machines Milo-v1.5 come in three configurations: Basic, 65mm, and 80mm Spindle Mount. Made with durable ABS/ASA, precision printed at 0.2mm layer height, 40% infill for strength, and available in multiple colors. Ready for immediate assembly post-processing.

  • High-grade ABS/ASA for durability.
  • Precision 0.2mm layer printed parts.
  • Customizable color options available.
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Millennium Machines Milo-v1.5 CNC - 3D Printed Parts Kits


Welcome to the cutting edge of DIY CNC milling! Our 3D printed parts kits for the Millennium Machines Milo-v1.5 are expertly crafted to ensure the highest quality for your CNC machine build. Whether you're a hobbyist, a maker, or a professional looking for a robust desktop CNC solution, we've got you covered with three distinct configurations.


  1. Basic Kit (No Spindle Mount)
  2. 65mm Spindle Mount Kit
  3. 80mm Spindle Mount Kit

Each kit includes all necessary 3D printed parts to assemble the Milo-v1.5 CNC, except for the spindle mount in the Basic Kit. Choose based on your spindle size or if you prefer to source your spindle mount separately.


  • Material Quality: Parts printed with high-grade ABS/ASA for durability and thermal resistance.
  • Precision Printing: Each part is printed with an optimal layer height of 0.2mm for the perfect balance of speed and detail.
  • Custom Infill: 40% infill for most parts, ensuring a sturdy build without unnecessary material wastage.
  • Color Options: Available in a range of colors; please specify primary and accent colors upon ordering.
  • Post-Processing: All parts are cleaned and post-processed for immediate assembly.

Kit Contents:

  • X-Axis Assembly Parts
  • Y-Axis Assembly Parts
  • Z-Axis Assembly Parts
  • Main Column Parts
  • Electronics Table Parts
  • Spindle Mount Parts (65mm or 80mm, if applicable)

High-Quality Material and Print

  • Superior Material Quality: Our parts are printed with premium MatterHackers ABS filament, known for its strength, durability, and thermal resistance. This ensures that your CNC machine withstands the rigors of milling operations.
  • Optimized Print Quality: We employ advanced printing techniques to ensure each part is of the highest quality. This includes precise layer adhesion, optimal layer heights, and accurate dimensions, resulting in parts that fit perfectly and function seamlessly. All parts meet the Milo-v1.5 printing requirements.

Time and Convenience

  • Time-Saving: Printing these parts yourself can take upwards of 200 to 300 hours, depending on the complexity and your printer's capabilities. Our pre-printed kit saves you weeks of continuous printing, allowing you to focus on assembly and use of your CNC machine.

Professional Printing Experience

  • Consistent Quality: We ensure that every part in the kit meets stringent quality control standards, something that can be challenging to achieve with home 3D printing setups, especially for intricate parts.
  • Avoid Print Failures: 3D printing is prone to occasional failures, especially for complex parts. By ordering our kit, you bypass the risk of print failures and material wastage.


  • Economical in the Long Run: Considering the cost of high-quality ABS filament, electricity, printer wear and tear, and potential print failures, our pre-printed kit can be more cost-effective, especially for those without access to a high-quality 3D printer.

Support and Warranty

  • Technical Support: Our team offers support for any assembly or part-related questions, providing a smoother build experience.
  • Warranty and Assurance: We provide a warranty on the printed parts, giving you peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Environmental Consideration

  • Efficient Use of Resources: Our centralized printing approach allows for more efficient use of materials and energy, potentially reducing the environmental impact compared to individual printing.

By choosing our pre-printed kit, you're not just buying parts; you're investing in quality, convenience, and a hassle-free path to building your own high-quality CNC machine.

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