MatterHackers PLA Strands for 3D Pen Variety Pack 40 Strands - 3.00mm


This variety pack of of 40 strands of PLA is perfect for use with any 3D pen that that requires 3mm filament. This filament is made using our legendary PRO Series PLA which is made in the USA and features vibrant, opaque coloration. Try some today and take your printing to the next level!

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Product No. M-MV8-VDK2

These 3D printing strands are made using our PRO Series PLA (Polylactic Acid) and include 40 strands which are 10 inches long each. This set includes 400 inches of plastic which provides 4,000 inches worth of printing since 3D Pens extrude at a 10:1 ratio. These strands are ideal for use with any 3D printing pen that uses 3.00mm filament. This variety pack includes red, white, black, blue, and green PLA filament strands. We guarantee that these strands will print better than any other 3D printing pen strands on the market today!

All filament strands come in a sealed plastic container with desiccant to keep your filament fresh and working perfectly with your 3D printing pen. When not in use, we recommend keeping your filament strands in the plastic container with the desiccant. This ensures that your strands keep printing beautifully for as long as you need them. 

When printing, use the PLA heat setting on your 3D printing pen (print at 180C-200C).

Please note, all Clearance Item purchases are Final Sale and are not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy - this excludes Refurbished 3D printers and machines, which have at least a 6-month warranty.

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