Protopasta Protopasta Galactic Empire Purple Metallic HTPLA Filament - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

Protopasta HTPLA combines the ease of PLA 3D printing with the ability to heat-treat your parts post-printing to increase their stiffness at higher temperatures. It can be heat treated in an oven at 100-120C (200-250F) to increase stiffness and reduce warping with the best results seen on flat and/or supported parts with 100% infill.

  • Prints easily like PLA
  • No Hardened Nozzle
  • Easy Heat Treat Process
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Heat Treat for Great Performance!

PLA and HTPLA are great for many applications, just exactly as they're printed! But once they're stored above 50C, they start to break down. Luckily, the HT is for Heat Treat! Or is it High Temp? Either way, it spells a huge improvement (up to three times) to the part's thermal stability!

Simply place your printed part in your oven for a few minutes (larger parts will need longer times) at 100 - 120C (200 - 250F), and the material will crystallize and become much stiffer. Keep in mind this may warp some architectures of printed parts, so experimentation is required. Best results are with flat and/or supported parts with 100% infill.

HTPLA could be the solution to your printing needs!


Many composite materials require a hardened nozzle, but not this filament! This material prints perfectly with a standard brass nozzle without any additional wear compared to standard filaments. This material is perfect for those who want to expand their filament library without having to make hardware changes on their printer, as it offers expanded possibilities without any drawbacks or complications.

Please note: 2.85mm is being discontinued, all Clearance Item purchases are final and are not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy - this excludes Refurbished 3D printers and machines which have at least a 6-month warranty.

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