Raise3D Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Hot End - 0.4mm

The Hyper Speed Hot End upgrade is compatible with Raise3D's Pro3 and Pro3 Plus 3D printers and is part of the Hyper FFF 3D printing system, which allows you to print nearly four times faster than average print times.

This Hot End is meant to be paired with the Hyper Speed Auto Calibrator and Hyper Speed Filaments for best results.

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Product No. M-ME9-3Y2V

Raise3D's Hyper Speed Hot End for Pro3 and Pro3 Plus 3D Printers

Start printing with your Raise3D Pro 3 and Pro3 Plus 3D printer faster than ever before! 

This hot end is intended to be a spare or replacement hotend for the full Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit. You can get the full Upgrade Kit here

Please note that for Hyper Speed to function correctly, the Hyper Speed Hot Ends 0.4mm (Pro3 Series Only), the Hyper Speed Auto Calibrator (Pro3 Series Only), and the Hyper Speed Filaments must be installed on a Pro3 Series printer activated with Hyper Speed Mode. The absence of any of these components may result in printing failure.

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