Slice Engineering Slice Engineering Heater Cartridge, 12v 50w

This 50W heater cartridge from Slice Engineering was specially designed for their revolutionary Mosquito Hotend, or any compatible 3D printer heater block. Pump more power into your 3D printer with a high power density 50W heater cartridge.
This upgrade to your 3D printer can unlock a broad new realm of engineering-grade plastics to use in your designs like Nylon filaments, PEI, and PEEK. Create the parts you’ve always wanted to use for molds, medical devices, automotive components, and more!

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Installing your new 50W heater cartridge on your 3D printer's hotend is simple, and Slice Engineering designed it that way, whether you have their Mosquito Hotend or Mosquito Magnum Hotend or not. The 1.2 meter cables easily reach the control board of any 3D printer, even large format ones. The leads of this heater cartridge can be cut to length to accommodate your 3D printer's connector. The 50W of power output into this heater cartridge also translates into faster heating and faster printing, so you can unlock a whole new world of engineering-grade plastics that other off-the-shelf desktop printers can’t come close to. Things like Nylon, Ultem, PEEK, and other plastics you always wanted to use for molds, medical devices, end use parts, or automotive components are now within your reach. Take the raw power of your 3D printer to the next level with this simple plug-and-play modification. Designed for effortless use, implementation, and reliability. Use in conjunction with Slice Engineering Boron Nitride Paste for the highest accuracy results. 

*Some 3D desktop printers are capped at a certain temperature for safety reasons, and the manufacturer won't lift it. Check with your printer model to see if it allows you to print at your desired temperature.


  • No connectors
  • Hardcore 321SS cartridge improves longevity and durability
  • 22 mm long
  • Diameter sized to fit into a 6 mm H7 tolerance hole
  • Terminated leads are 1.2 m in length
  • 50W power output
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