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The Archer S from Thunk3D is an industrial-grade, full-color, and texture handheld 3D Scanner. The next step up from the Fisher S & W handheld 3D scanners, Archer was designed to provide highly accurate scans with color and texture data making it ideal for applications such as reverse engineering, including the scanning finished mechanical parts or components, and for creating scans of the human body which require the additional capture data. Utilizing two cameras and a center projector, this scanner can capture over 3,000,000 points per second to create precise 3D models that can be quickly and easily exported as ASC or STL files. Field of view specifications varies slightly between the Standard and Wide models.

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Capable of producing highly accurate & precise sans, the Archer Handheld scanner is an excellent choice for creating full color and texture scans of targets such as faces, limbs, or objects that have unique surface textures. The full-color data feature also makes it easy to match replicated or reverse engineered parts with the original color values.


Thunk3D includes additional scanning software for both the Fisher and Archer handheld 3D scanners. This software includes built-in presets for projector strength and exposure time to assist users with achieving their specific scanning goals. Features are categorized by the type of scan alignment, desired scan mode, and lighting of the object being scanned.


Alignment types:


  • This scanning mode relies on the unique features of the object to create a complete 3D model. Ideal for objects that have a high level of unique surface features.


  • This scanning mode relies on reflective markers, which the user applies to the object themselves, to map multiple data points more accurately on said object. This mode results in more precise and professional-looking scans.

Scan Modes:

  • Standard Mode
  • Fine Mode

Physical Object:

  • Tint
  • Common
  • Dark


The Archer S DSD Bundle was designed specifically for those in the Dental and Orthodontic industry. In addition to the Archer S U3 Full-Color and Texture Scanner customers will receive specialized software and a carrying case.

Thunk3D's DSD software was designed to improve and simplify scanning and modeling workflows.

Key features & benefits of the DSD software include:

  • Easily capture scan data of the patient's face and mouth at the same time.
  • Import CBT and teeth data and merge together in a seamless workflow.
  • Utilize Archer S's high accuracy, full color, and texture scans to create high-quality facial cans and reduce the cost of producing aligners and dental models.
  • Compatible with all open-source CAD programs.



Scanner Optics:

Camera: Monochrome, 1.3mpx2 + Full Color; 1.3mpx1

Lens: 16MM/5MP

Raster: 1280x800 Led, White light

Light Area: 40x32cm; 20x16cm

Resolution: 0.1mm

Frame Accuracy: 0.05mm

Scan Speed: 3.000.000 points/s, 12-15F/S

Scan Volume: 5-100cm


Texture Scans: Yes

Alignment: Feature align (support group register), mix align, mark align, frame align

Post Processing Options:

  • CAD/Scan importing;
  • Point process (Register/ Merge, Noise Delete/Noise Filtering)
  • Polygon process (Smooth/ Decimate/ Subdivide/ Fill holes/ Remove Markers/ Scale)
  • Polygon Healing (Abnormal/ Cross/etc)

Software Features:

  • Fill holes
  • Decimate
  • Smooth

Data format: ASC/STL/PLY

Photogrammetric: No


Public API: USB 3.0; C++ interface

PC require: Nvidia as main GPU; Win7 (64) and higher

Certification: CE/FCC/WEEE/CNAS

Power Requirements: 100-240V, 5A


Thunk3D Handheld Scanner Software

Software Instruction Guide

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