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Ultimaker 2+ Enhanced Service Package

Take care of your Ultimaker 2+ and Extended+ with ease and confidence. This kit includes all the necessary parts to make routine maintenance seamless and quick for your home or work space. The Enhanced Service Package also includes an additional one year factory warranty.

Note: This item is only available at the time of machine purchase as an add-on, not standalone after purchase. As an introductory offer, the Enhanced Service Packages are currently available to anyone who purchased an Ultimaker 2+ in the last six months.

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Everything you need to get the most out of your Ultimaker 2+

The Ultimaker 2+ is a powerful, reliable 3D printer. But with any machine under heavy use, certain parts do eventually require lubrication, maintenance or replacement. The Ultimaker 2+ Enhanced Service Package includes everything required to keep your machine in perfect working order with a spare print bed, lubricant, replacement fans and more. This kit also includes a 12-month extension of the factory warranty - making the machine covered for 2 years. Included with the maintenance kit is a card containing a registration code for the extended warranty. Once your receive the box, register the warranty with your machine by serial number and you are good to go.

The Enhanced Service Package Includes a maintenance kit with the following items:

  • 1 - PT100 B Sensor Glass Fiber
  • 2 - TFM Isolator Coupler
  • 1 - Fan Pack
  • 1 - Bowden Tube Pack
  • 1 - Olsson Nozzle 0.4mm
  • 1 - Hot End Isolator
  • 1 - Pulley Pack
  • 1 - Glass Plate
  • 2 - Build Platform Glass Retainer Back
  • 1 - Calibration Card
  • 4 - Sliding Blocks
  • 1 - Magnalube / Grease
  • 2 - Timing Belt GT2 200
  • 4 - Timing Belt GT2 610
  • 1 - Heater Cartridge 24v 35w
  • 1 - Injection Molding Part: Print Head Aid
  • 1 - Sewing Machine Oil

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