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Zortrax Zortrax Z-ESD Black Filament - (0.80kg)

Z-ESD is a durable and warp resistant material that was designed to fit the needs of the electrical and electronics industry. Capable of providing protection against electrostatic discharge, which can be particularly damaging to electronic equipment, this material can help to significantly reduce the risk of damage to electronic components.

0.8kg spools are designed to work specifically with the Zortrax M200, M200 Plus, and Inventure. 2.0kg spools are designed to work with the Zortrax M300, M300 Plus, and M300 Dual.

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  • Industrial parts and tools
  • End-use parts.
  • Casings for electronic devices
  • Parts that are required to be resistant to chemicals or electrostatic discharge.


  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Spool Size: 0.8kg Spool
  • Density: 1.195 g/cm³
  • Composition: PETG -96% ; Carbon-based conductive additives – 2 ~ 8% ; Additives and colorants – 0 ~ 4%

Zortrax M200 Z-ESD SDS

Zortrax M200 Z-ESD TDS

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