Zortrax Zortrax Z-PLA Grey Filament - (0.35kg)

Z-PLA PRO is perfect for models with superior details and exceptionally smooth surface. Get high hardness and low shrinkage making the material well suited for 3D printing high quality parts, and consumer goods. This eco-friendly filament is compatible with water soluble Z-Support premium filament.

0.8kg spools are designed to work specifically with the Zortrax M200, M200 Plus, and Inventure. 2.0kg spools are designed to work with the Zortrax M300, M300 Plus, and M300 Dual.

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  • High-quality parts
  • Architecture mock-ups
  • Detailed conceptual models
  • Educational models
  • Consumer goods
  • Models required to be biodegradable


  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Spool Size: 2kg
  • Spool Density: 1.292 g/cm3

Zortrax M300 Z-PLA SDS

Zortrax M300 Z- PLA TDS

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