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Jackie Derr is a STEM teacher and Drone Racing Team Coach at Perrysburg Jr. High School
Jackie Derr is a STEM teacher and Drone Racing Team Coach at Perrysburg Jr. High School

MatterHackers Virtual Meetup - 3D Printing in Education & Beyond

MatterHackers is excited to present our first meetup event of 2021, with a featured presentation by special guest, MatterHackers Education Ambassador Jackie Derr. We showcased the latest 3D Printing technology for the classroom and beyond as well as real-world projects and curriculum that inspire students' creativity through the power of making. 

Thank you so much to everyone who attended with us at this inspiring presentation and engaging discussion with the audience that followed, and special thanks again to Jackie Derr! 

Couldn't make it to the meetup? Not to worry! A recording of the session and Q&A chat is available below. Additionally, relevant links and important materials discussed during the presentation are available for download on this page. Please reach out to us with any further questions at 

For a recap of key highlights of the event relating to Ultimaker 3D Printers in the classroom, check out the following article: "Getting Started with Ultimaker 3D Printers for Education: A STEM Teacher's Analysis"

Meetup Recording Full Video: Presentation and Q&A

Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer

Featured in the spotlight presentation, learn more about the Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer or get your own 3D Printer here.

At home, at school, or in the office, sending print jobs to the Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer is a breeze. Via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, cloud 3D printing allows remote file transfer, with added security, from anywhere in the world. Leverage the full power of Ultimaker Cura and slice with your choice of extensively tested Ultimaker material profiles, or tweak over 400 advanced settings. Then click "print via the cloud" to start your print from any place you choose.

Presentation Slide Deck

Interested in downloading a copy of the slide deck featured in Jackie Derr's presentation? Click the link below for a PDF file of all the slides seen in today's webinar: 

File Download Slide Deck - Jackie Derr Presentation application/pdf

Spin the Wheel - Ultimaker Design Challenge Lesson

Based on the Design Challenge card deck created by Ultimaker, Jackie incorporated a virtual Spin the Wheel activity students could participate in to receive a random set of cards used to determine their assignment - Challenges, Parameters, Modifiers, and Gameplay. Use the links below to access each virtual wheel:

  • Challenge Cards Wheel:

  • Parameter Cards Wheel:

  • Modifier Cards Wheel:

  • Gameplay Cards Wheel:
An alternate digital version of this challenge with a virtual card deck is also available at the following link:

3D Design Project

As part of a 3-part lesson guiding students through self-instruction in 3D Design, Jackie provided her class with a link to the TinkerCad website where they followed the lessons and projects provided there before creating an original 3D model of their own. Use the following links to download the instructions and grading rubric of this multi-day 3D Design learning project.

File Download 3D Design Lesson - Day One application/pdf
File Download 3D Design Lesson - Day Two application/pdf
File Download 3D Design Lesson - Day Three application/pdf
File Download 3D Design Lesson - Grading Rubric application/pdf

Bubble Wand 3D Printing Lesson

Jackie created a real life problem - in this case, entertaining a young family member while babysitting - and challenged her students to invent, design, and 3D print a functioning bubble wand that fit a list of specific criteria to solve that problem. Download the files to this lesson using the links below:

File Download Bubble Wand Lesson - Page 1 image/jpeg
File Download Bubble Wand Lesson - Page 2 image/jpeg
File Download Bubble Wand Lesson - STEM Exit Slip image/jpeg
File Download Bubble Wand Lesson - Grading Rubric application/pdf

Using 3D Printing To Teach Students Cultural Diversity

Our society today is fortunate to be surrounded by many different cultures, religions and races. In order to be the best that we can possibly be, one must be aware of the cultural diversity that surrounds us.

This lesson allows students to discuss their own cultures, religions, etc. while gaining knowledge and understanding of their fellow classmates. Students will then discuss what classifies an object to be an ornament, followed by using a 3D design program to design their own ornament. Once the ornaments are printed, students will present their ornament to the class explaining the significance behind it.

Read the full lesson here

Ultimaker S3 Fully Assembled 3D Printer

Another 3D printer in Jackie Derr's classroom and her dual-extrusion machine of choice, learn more about the Ultimaker S3 or get your own 3D Printer here

The Ultimaker S3 dual-extrusion 3D printer delivers high-quality, composites-capable performance in a smaller footprint. The stout Ultimaker S3 3D Printer brings all the great features of the Ultimaker S5, such as compatibility with all swappable Ultimaker Print Cores, to a truly accessible desktop-sized machine.

Enjoy the seamless experience of wireless 3D printing with Ultimaker Cloud, or simply navigate with the full-color touchscreen on the front to start your 3D prints via USB.

With advanced active leveling, a front enclosure door, a flow sensors to detect clogs and run-outs, NFC material recognition, and a composites-ready feeder wheel, this small yet mighty machine is ready to be your complete and dependable production system for rapid prototyping or creating custom end-use parts.

Watch Jackie Derr's easy-to-follow unboxing and assembly steps for the Ultimaker S3 and other helpful information in the "Getting Started with Ultimaker 3D Printers for Education" article available here

Meetup Recording: Jackie Derr's Presentation

Meetup Recording: Q&A and Show & Tell