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Congratulations to Jesus Huerta for being awarded Imperial Valley CUE Tech Innovator of the Year!! We are so proud to be partnered with one of the leading voices for technology and 3D printing in education.

Meaningful 3D Printing and Design in the Traditional and Virtual Classrooms

A presentation by Jesus Huerta, featured at NSTA and ISTE, about overcoming the challenges of distance learning and the machines and tools available to empower students’ creativity through making. Visit this article to watch the video and learn how to introduce 3D Design and 3D Printing to your students and the process of integrating STEAM-based subjects into your virtual, hybrid, or in-person classroom.

Classroom Curriculum - 3D Printed Bookmarks for Your Students

Teach your students to fabricate custom bookmarks for themselves or as gifts for others. Encourage reading and innovate your class to explore their creative side in this easy 3D printing tutorial, featured here. This lesson guide includes both a written overview to breakdown the process and helpful walkthrough videos guiding you step by step through the lesson, designed and narrated by Jesus Huerta. 

A Multi-Printer Library: How Many 3D Printers Does Your Classroom Need?

Looking for tips to get started with 3D printing? This breakdown looks at the benefits of having one or multiple machines in the classroom to help you make that first decision when introducing 3D printing to your lessons. In this article, Jesus offers his advice in how to manage time based on the number of 3D printers available to your class, how many and which machines (and at what prices) are the best fit for your use case and budget, and what factors to consider when developing a 3D printing schedule for student use.

3D Printing Lesson: Design and Create Custom Planters

Free 3D Printing curriculum for K-12 students: How to design and 3D print customized planters. Click here for a hybrid lesson with written and video tutorials to guide students step by step through the process of creating their own plant pots. 

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