MatterHackers Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Mara Hitner, is joined by special guests Eric Woodridge of Somerset Community College and Mark Holthaus of L3Harris as well as moderator Robert Schoenberger for an in-depth discussion on advanced materials and their rising presence in 3D printing, specifically BASF Ultrafuse 316L, a polymer and 316L stainless steel composite filament that yields pure metal components via standard FFF printer systems and case studies utilizing this additive manufacturing process for tools, jigs, and fixtures in both the educational and professional worlds. 

Learn how Somerset Community College is making real stainless steel metal parts on $400 3D printers, sending them away for debinding and sintering, and then machining and welding the parts at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of fabrication.  L3Harris is saving thousands printing 316L in-house versus using service bureaus for their work.

The discussion also includes technical information, such as the parameters and capabilities of working with this material, including: hotend and bed temperatures, nozzle requirements, anisotropic shrinkage, bowden and build surface compatibility, and more.

Lastly, the presenters draw parallels between existing alternative traditional manufacturing processes such as investment casting, the occupational and safety hazards associated with those methods, and the role this new technology could play in replacing conventional manufacturing processes in the cases of rapid prototyping or small-scale industrial metal production.

You can purchase BASF Ultrafuse 316L HERE, or email with questions on how to ensure success with your use case.