Apply to Help Develop the Next Generation of the Manufacturing Workforce

Your high school could be a test site for new NOCTI/America Makes Additive Manufacturing Credential! Credentialing has historically been an important part of workforce development for manufacturing, and America Makes has teamed up with NOCTI (the largest independant credentialing body in the US) to create the very first "Essentials of Additive Manufacturing" credential for high schools. If your high school is selected as a test site, both the online multiple choice assessment, and the hands-on performance assessment will be available to pilot at NO COST. The pilot testing window for this assessment is April 1 to May 30, 2021.

Why You Should Apply as a Pilot Test Site

Pilot testing is a critical phase in the development of new credentials.  It gives students an opportunity to practice testing and receive feedback on their knowledge in a no-pressure environment.  Instructors compare their curriculum with the assessment blueprint to ensure their class covers the most important competencies determined by the subject matter expert team in the development of the test.  NOCTI collects data from pilot testing to ensure the test items and overall test performs as expected. Again, there is no cost for the online multiple choice assessment or the hands-on performance assessment if your school is chosen as a test site. 

Watch the NOCTI/America Makes Additive Manufacturing Credential Virtual Info Session to Learn More

MatterHackers was joined by these experts in a 30-minute info session breaking down this exciting opportunity for high schools with 3D printing or additive manufacturing programs.  

View the recording below to determine if your high school would be a good fit:

Four Essential Steps to Become a Pilot Test Site

Download the NOCTI Customized Assessment Blueprint

Use the link below for a downloadable PDF file of the NOCTI Customized Assessment Blueprint: Essentials of Additive Manufacturing - Pilot. Preview what specific skills and competencies will be tested in the assessment including: fundamentals, design, safety, processes and materials, post-processing and more, as well as how these subjects will be weighted in the written assessment. Also included are sample multiple choice questions similar to those you can expect to see in the written assessment and a rubric for evaluation of the performance assessment. Download the PDF file to learn more:

Free Download: NOCTI Customized Assessment Blueprint: Essentials of Additive Manufacturing PDF
Free Download: NOCTI Pilot Test Site Application PDF