A small Colorado company based in Denver is changing the way pets and other animals are moving on after serious injuries using 3D printing.

Justin Finesilver, who heads up Pawsthetics, uses his technical experience to design, fabricate and fit animals with prosthetics to improve their lives after they have suffered a debilitating injury. 

Injuries that Pawsthetics see the most often are amputations due to catastrophic damage or birth defect.

Walter the Easter Bulldog
Walter the Easter Bulldog

Their mission is to help animals from all walks of life who are in need of mobility devices. Their processes utilize traditional prosthetics practices along with cutting edge 3D printing and design to create functional solutions for our furry and scaly friends!

Justin and his team have helped dogs, cats, and even tortoises so far, and are looking to expand their reach into many other kinds of animals.

Justin is so passionate about helping animals with 3D printing that he helped Pawsthetics become a non-profit agency devoted to getting animals back on four feet. He is currently helping a very special bulldog named Walter.

Walter and his new foster sister
Walter and his new foster sister

Walter was found after, it is suspected, he was the victim of being a bait dog for dog fights. For several weeks after Walter was taken to some outstanding veterinarians, they tried everything in their power to save Walter's leg, but in the end, it had to be amputated to save Walter's life.

For bulldogs, because of their physiology and typical walking gait, only having three legs is especially hard. Many bulldogs with this type of amputation typically have to be put in a stroller or carried everywhere.

But Justin and his team didn't want Walter to miss out on all the fun of playing like a real dog! 

It has taken almost a year of efforts, and many organizations have jumped in to help donate time and money to Walter's cause. But he still has a little way to go to have his final mobility device funded.

Walter the Bulldog
Walter the Bulldog

For more on Justin, Walter, all the other animals in need of help, and Pawsthetics, and if you would like to donate to Walter's cause, please visit the Pawsthetics website link below to help.

Visit http://pawsthetics.com and click Donate Here to help Walter!

You can also follow Pawsthetics and keep up to date on all their projects on Twitter and Facebook: @Pawsthetics.

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