3D Printing and Digital Fabrication for Engineering and Design

Iterating Quickly and Efficiently

Mechanical engineers, industrial designers, students, and entrepreneurs all rely on digital fabrication for product development. Tangible solutions that used to require big budgets are now accessible to everyone, right on your desktop.

Whether you are preparing for the next generation of a best-selling product or replacing a discontinued part, you can save time and money going from 3D models and renders to physical objects. If you’re working in CAD, let’s take your designs to the next level.

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Designing parts with 3D design software

Engineering and Designing with 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

Hand drawn 3D designs

Concept Exploration

When inspiration strikes you jot ideas down, jump into CAD software, and start creating. Use technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling to quickly and affordably turn your ideas into a tangible proof of concept.

Whether your design is for suppliers, investors, professors, colleagues, or just for yourself, make it real and show what’s possible. More materials are available than ever before, including production-grade materials that you may use when going into production at scale.

Printed parts on top of technical drawings

Rapid Prototyping

One-and-done is no fun. Before you’re done with this version design you already know how you’ll make it better, so don’t get caught in weeks-long lead times with traditional prototyping methods. Breathe life into your best ideas as soon as you conceive them.

If you are testing how something looks, fits, works, or feels, digital fabrication technology offers a bridge between your design and what it will look like in production. Advancements in dimensional accuracy and stability make validating your designs easier than ever.

3D printed parts in production on a Ford automobile


Preparing for production means small-batch runs, field and in-house testing, and creating a suite of fixtures, jigs, and tooling. Your trusty digital fabrication tools that have gotten you to this point can continue to serve you as you prepare to ship your final production-ready designs.

Consider bridge manufacturing with in-house equipment instead of waiting on conventional technologies. Leverage feedback loops from manufacturing engineering, production managers, customer support, and even end users themselves. Iterate and get better every day.

Engineering and Design Case Study

Wolf Athletics wanted to develop a functional prototype for their new Rekon lacrosse head to confirm form, fit, and function with a high level of confidence. With 3D printing, this emerging sporting goods company reduced cost by 97% and time by 93%.

External Supplier Part Cost: $1,800.00
In-House 3D Printer Part Cost: $62.00

External Supplier Project Time: 14 Days
In-House 3D Printer Project Time: 1 Day

With easy-to-use support materials, they confirmed the final design and sent their design to tooling in preparation for their next development stage - funding.

Sports team with lacrosse equipment

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About MatterHackers

We believe in the power of digital fabrication and its ability to transform your product development. Located in the heart of Southern California, MatterHackers supports leading Fortune 500 companies to startups in our own backyard and around the world. Technologies like 3D printing make it easier than ever to commercialize new ideas and we’re here to help.

We help bring products to market every day, from designing and engineering our own products, like the award-winning Pulse 3D printers and materials like NylonX to providing feedback to our suppliers, and most importantly serving our customers. Our team of experts is here to help you design, develop, and ship your next great idea.

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