3D Printing and Digital Fabrication for Universities

Advancing Your Research

Leading universities, colleges, and trade schools are conducting research, training students, and advancing job readiness with digital fabrication. Project-based learning? Let’s plan it out. Applying for a big grant? Let’s crunch the numbers. We’re here for you.

From directors at research universities to volunteers at local libraries, you can transform your learning environment. MatterHackers provides support, know-how, and selection of classroom ready tools to help you succeed every step of the way.

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University Applications for 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

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Accelerate your research with digital fabrication. Researchers are using 3D printing today to build custom fixtures and jigs, lab equipment, test material properties, and pioneer fields like aerospace, architecture, design, biology, archeology, and more.

Invest in the right equipment that will help you generate repeatable results. Enjoy flexibility and a world of possibilities as new software and materials are developed that can advance your research for years to come.

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Project-based learning and maker curriculum is finding adoption everywhere from geometry classes to robotics clubs. Tools like 3D printers are the perfect complement to the work you are doing with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and even LEGO toy bricks.

Go confidently from concept to creation with curriculum and certification courses, education bundles, and industry-leading support to keep your equipment up and running. We work side-by-side with educators every day to meet standards and exceed expectations.

Wood carving on workbench in a Makerspace with X-Carve


Whether you call it a makerspace, fab lab, creator hub, innovation center or something else entirely, we call it home. MatterHackers was founded by people with a passion for technology that helps you make things.

We partner with leading open source companies and projects, support cross-platform products, and have our own thriving community to help you find inspiration and get help with your next project. From hardware and software to support, we’re here to help you bring ideas to life.

University Case Study

The University of California Berkeley wanted to develop objective-oriented prosthetic designs in partnership with Claws from Carter, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals with limb differences. The students worked in groups to create designs that reduced the cost of prosthetic devices by over 99%.

Commercial Prosthetic Retail Cost: $6,000+
Student-Designed Prosthetic Cost: $80

Using NylonX, NylonG, and MatterHackers Pro Flex, the students designed parts that are durable, inexpensive, and interchangeable with commercial options in the market.

"We are already preparing for next semester, which is going to be starting very soon. I had a blast working with my teams; they came up with some excellent designs, and I can’t wait to see next semester’s devices and improvements!" - Michael Campos, Claws from Carter

Claws for Carter recipient showing his 3D printed limb

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We would love to hear more about your needs and how we can help you achieve your goals. Our experts are here to match you up with the right equipment so you have quality and reliable equipment so you can focus on your research and student engagement.

About MatterHackers

We believe in the power of digital fabrication and its ability to transform your lab and classroom. Located in the heart of Southern California, MatterHackers supports leading research universities, public schools, and libraries in our own backyard and around the world. Education is the catalyst for new technologies like 3D printing and we’re here to help you lead the way.

We educate tens of thousands of our own customers in how new technology works and how to successfully achieve their goals. Our friendly, in-house team of experts is committed to helping you succeed in adopting new digital fabrication technologies in your learning environment.

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