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Welcome to the Open R/C F1 World Championship race at Midwest RepRap Fest - Sponsored by MatterHackers.


Saturday, March 24th, 2018
Race Times: TBD

Races / Events

Head to Head: Classic OpenRC

Race head-to-head in this tournament/bracket-style competition. Winner moves on, loser is knocked out. First, Second, and Third Place winners will receive prizes.

  • Car must be fully 3D printed using designs (stock or modified) provided (including but not limited to chassis, body, wheels, suspension, drive gears, etc.) Scale: 1:1
  • Components: All components of the Open R/C F1 must be present and installed (no removing parts to decrease weight) but designs can be modified for performance or appearance.

Mad Max: Unlimited

Anything goes in this all-in-one, demolition derby race. We will load up the track with as many cars as possible in this free-for-all competition. First, Second, and Third Place winners will receive prizes.

  • Majority of the car must be 3D printed.
  • “Supe” up your car as much as you’d like: lawn mower motor, rockets - anything goes!

Best in Show

Everyone loves a beautiful 3D printed part. Show off your pristine OpenRC car for a chance to win the Best in Show. One First Place prize - judging based on:

  • 3D print quality
  • Color scheme
  • Customization


Prizes will be sponsored by MatterHackers, Olsson Ruby, Bondtech, and more - further information will be added shortly - stay tuned!

Rules & Regulations

  • To enter this race is free!
  • Everyone should have fun!
  • All ages may enter.
  • This is an optional event, and any damage to your car, is your own liability. That said, we're all out to respect each others' property and everyone commits to racing respectfully.
  • Prizes are TBD
  • Course: TBD - after a few beers we’ll lay the track down. Could be anywhere and look like anything.
  • You must register for any and all races/events before March 20th, 2018 to enter all races/events. Register for races/events here.
  • Entrant must be present at MRRF in Goshen, IN - please register for a Free Admissions Ticket to MRRF here. PLEASE NOTE: this Admissions Ticket does not enter you in the OpenRC F1
  • World Championship races/events.
  • Register your vehicle before the race/event on March 24th, 2017. You must register your vehicle and get assigned a number at the MatterHackers Booth prior to 10:00 AM March 24, 2018.
  • Base Design - Must use these base designs to register:


Daniel Norée

Daniel Norée

Award-winning Swedish 3D designer and 3D Printing evangelist. Speaker, Blogger & YouTuber. Author of OpenRC & OpenRailway Project. Father of 3D Benchy.

Dave Gaylord

Dave Gaylord

Engineer, Maker, Surfer, Certified Nerd, and CMO at MatterHackers.

Joel Telling

Joel Telling

The 3D Printing Nerd, Husband, Father, Believer, Maker, Content Producer, and Exceptional Giver of High Fives.

How To Enter

Follow the link below to enter any and all races or events. See you in Goshen!