ColorFabb bronzeFill Metal Filament - 1.75mm (0.75kg)

Start 3D printing with real metal today with ColorFabb bronzeFill. Bronzefill is made of forty percent bronze and sixty percent PLA so it works with desktop 3D printers!

Searching for an authentic metallic look? No further investigation needed! colorFabb's bronzeFill filament is perfect for a rustic finish. To achieve a nice, smooth piece, all you need to do is print, sand, and polish!

MatterHackers is excited to be a U.S. authorized distributor for bronzeFill. This filament prints best with our E3D all-metal HotEnds.

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Sometimes here at MatterHackers we get a little bored printing with plastics. Thanks to ColorFabb's bronzeFill, we can shake things up a bit by printing with actual bronze! At first, the bronzeFill appears to be laser sintered with a matte finish - fear not, for a little sanding and polishing allows the infused bronze particles to sparkle unlike any filament that you have seen before! 

Another great characteristic of bronzeFill is its weight - it's about three times heavier than standard PLA, which really adds to the authenticity of your prints. This is ideal if you are printing items like jewelry or other artistic pieces. 

We reccomend using our E3D All-Metal HotEnds to print bronzeFill.

Before and After Polishing

During production, ColorFabb bronzeFill uses laser measurment systems to confirm that the diameter of the filament is consistant - this guarantees that your printer is extruding the exact amount of filament that is should be. 


Is that an ancient artifact, or did you just print that?

Tips and Tricks for printing bronzeFill:

  • Print Temp: 195-220C
  • Print Speed: 40 - 100 mm/s
  • Bed Adhesion: use blue painter's tape with no heat, or bare glass @ 50-60C
  • Increased Flow Rate works best
  • Start sanding with 120-180 grit when polishing, and work your way up to 240-320 grit, then finish with 600 grit
  • It is easy to sand, so be careful when polishing intricate details 
  • Once sanded, clean with a soft cloth and copper polish to get the best amount of shine


  • Material - colorFabb bronzeFill PLA/PHA and fine bronze powder
  • Diameter Tolerance - 0.05mm
  • Density - 3.9gcm3
  • Glass Transition Temperature - 55C

bronzeFill will grant more than three wishes!

ColorFabb Bronzefill SDS

ColorFabb Bronzefill TDS

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