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Specialty Nozzles

Specialty Nozzles

Like 3D printing filaments, different nozzle materials are specially designed to satisfy different production needs. Printing with abrasive filaments such as MatterHackers NylonX will quickly wear out a standard brass nozzle, creating the need for a more robust, specialty nozzle that has a ruby tip or is made of hardened steel. Keeping a clean nozzle throughout long prints is super important for guaranteeing the highest definition and clean perimeters throughout. When 3D printing filaments above the common 300°C limit, plated copper nozzles are the ideal choice for stable use. Producing food safe or medical items? A stainless steel nozzle is the safest option designed for that. The 3D printer nozzles found on this page are engineered for a special purpose, whether it be extruding abrasive filament, staying clean throughout long prints, or maintaining consistence printing quality at high temperatures.

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