XTC-3D High Performance 3D Print Coating

XTC-3D 3D Print Coating

XTC-3D High-Performance 3D Print Coating is a smooth, protective coating used to place a glossy finish on 3D printed parts. The coat finishes clean, so there will be zero brush strokes on your finished print. Just one ounce of this magical coating can cover over 100 square inches. XTC-3D dries to a hard, sandable, and paintable coating - you can do it all with XTC-3D, including adding color and metal effects to the finish! Do you have a print that needs a little maintenance? Don't worry! Paint some XTC-3D on there and your print will look perfect. 

XTC-3D works with nearly every filament, including PLA, ABS, and Laywood. Don't limit yourself to just your 3D printed parts - XTC-3D works on other materials like wood, plaster, fabric, cardboard, and paper.  

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