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About Robo 3D Printers

Robo 3D has gained success by building 3D printers that are accessible, easy-to-use and look great in any environment. By focusing on a select number of printers, they have been able to integrate a large number of standard features that are considered upgrades on other machines. The C2 boasts a built-in color touchscreen, class-leading print speeds and automatic self-leveling, as well as wifi connectivity and an available Robo APP for remote monitoring giving you total print-smart control. You can also print with dozens of different materials right out of the box. The R2 boasts the same capabilities as the C2 with additional on-board camera, a removable, heated print platform, and the option of adding an additional extruder for more complex prints and even more material choices. Both units have excellent build volume for their respective prices, and they look great anywhere - either at home or at the office. From educators to enthusiasts to professionals, Robo 3D provides a select line of printers that will fit any need.