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Apress CLEARANCE - 3D Printed Science Projects - Paperback Book

3D Printed Science Projects, by Joan Horvath, describes how to create 3D printable models that can help students from kindergarten through grad school learn math, physics, botany, chemistry, engineering and more.

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Each of the eight topics in this book are designed to be customized by the reader to create a wide range of projects suitable for science fairs, extra credit, or classroom demonstrations. Science fair project suggestions and extensive "where to learn more" resources are included, too. You will add another dimension to your textbook understanding of science. To download a selection of models for this book, visit 3D Printed Science Project Models.

What you’ll learn

  • To create (and present the science behind) 3D printed models.
  • To use a 3D printer to create those models as simply as possible.
  • New science insights from designing 3D models.

Who this book is for

This book shows parents and teachers how to use the models inside as starting points for 3D printable explorations. Students can start with these models and vary them for their own explorations. Unlike other sets of models that can just be scaled, these models have the science built-in to allow for more insight into the fundamental concepts.

Topics covered in this book:

  • 3D Math Functions
  • Light and Other Waves
  • Gravity
  • Airfoils
  • Simple Machines
  • Plants and their Ecosystems
  • Molecules
  • Trusses

Table of Contents

1. 3D Math Functions

2. Light and Other Waves

3. Gravity

4. Airfoils

5. Simple Machines

6. Plants and their Ecosystems

7. Molecules

8. Trusses

Appendix A: 3D printing, OpenSCAD, MatterControl, and archives.

Appendix B: Links

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