3D Solex 3D Solex Timeslicer Hotend for Raise3D E2 - Standard

The 3D Solex Timeslicer Hotend is a 1:1 replacement for the Raise3D E2 Series Hotend that features CHT (Core Heating Technology) for faster printing speeds, an improved heat break, and optimized cooling. It is also easily swappable with a large selection of standard and specialty nozzles, and is identical in height to the original hotend.

  • 1:1 replacement for Raise3D E2 Series Hotend
  • CHT (Core Heating Technology) for higher material melting rates
  • Easily swappable nozzles
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The 3D Solex Timeslicer Hotend was designed and developed to be an easy-to-use, plug-and-play alternative to the original Raise3D E2 series Hotend. This upgraded Hotend uses the original E2 heater cartridge, temperature sensor and is identical in height to the original hotend — effectively making it a 1:1 replacement — and makes it possible for users to install any of 3D Solex's wide range of standard or special nozzles on their Raise E2 3D Printer.


Featuring a 0.40mm and 0.80mm core heating nozzle (CHT) for up to 4 times more filament flow compared to the normal hotend, this kit also contains:

  • (1) Timeslicer heat block. Heat break comes pre-assembled
  • (1) 0.4mm CHT nozzle
  • (1) 0.8mm CHT nozzle
  • (1) Nozzle changing toolset


  • This upgraded hotend is a 1 to 1 alternative to the Raise3D E2 Series Hotend (plug & play).
  • CHT (Core Heating Technology) enables significantly higher material melting rates, and resulting in faster printing speeds.
  • Features a significantly improved heat break, reducing the risk of filament jams between the hot end and the filament feed.
  • Optimized cooling, enabling higher nozzle print temperatures.
  • Easily swappable nozzles.
  • Large selection of standard and specialty nozzles.
  • Identical in height to the original hotend, and utilizes OEM heating elements.

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