3DXTech CarbonX Black PEI+CF Filament - (0.5kg) 2.85mm

Polyether Imide (PEI) is an amorphous polymer famous for maintaining incredible strength and chemical stability at high temperatures due to its high glass transition temperature of 217°C. 3DXTECH has taken this amazing material to the next level by adding high modulus carbon fiber reinforcement which enhances the overall stiffness and dimensional stability of your finished 3D printed parts.

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3DXTECH's CarbonX PEI 3D Printing Filament brings industrial strength to 3D printed parts

3DXTECH’s CarbonX PEI 3D printing filament will perform in the most extreme applications because it is inherently flame retardant, resists absorption of atmospheric moisture, and possess a stable dielectric constant to dissipate a wide range of frequencies. This makes 3DXTECH’s CarbonX PEI 3D printing filament ideal for your toughest automotive and electronics parts and projects.

A prototype part 3D printed using 3DXTECH's CarbonX series filament


The CarbonX series of 3D printing filaments from 3DXTECH brings enhanced properties to the 3D printing materials you already know and love. The high-modulus carbon fiber fill used in CarbonX 3D printing filament is stronger than steel and delivers boosted stiffness, dimensional stability, and UV-resistance to your 3D printed parts. Additionally, finished parts 3D printed with CarbonX filament are more lightweight, and have a nice matte black appearance.


  • Printing temperature: 360-390°C
  • Bed temperature: 140-160°C
  • Bed adhesion: PEI tape or surface 
  • For filled 3D printing filaments, it is recommended to use an abrasive-resistant nozzle (like hardened steel) with a 0.4mm orifice or larger. See Add-On Items.
  • This material is hygroscopic, and it is recommended to dry at 120˚C for at least 4 hours before printing
  • Download the TDS and SDS
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