3DXTech 3DXTech FireWire Flame Retardant ABS - 1.75mm (0.75kg)

Firewire ABS-FR is a premium UL94 V-0 rated ABS that allows for printing of functional prototypes and production parts. This material is ideal for printing electrical housings, connectors, or any part that requires thermal properties [up to 95°C] and flame retardant ABS characteristics.

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Firewire FR-ABS is made using a premium UL94 V-0 rated ABS. Flame Retardant ABS is ideal for applications that require UL94 V-0 self-extinguishing characteristics.

Benefits of Firewire Flame Retardant ABS

  • Durable and sturdy parts with highly flame-retardant, self-extinguishing properties
  • Easier to print than most industrial-grade materials
  • Made using UL94 V-0 rated base resin

Flame Rating (UL94)

  • 1.5mm: V-0
  • 2.0mm: V-0, 5VB
  • 2.5mm: V-0, 5VB
  • 3.0mm: V-0, 5VB

Technical Specifications

  • Extruder: 220-240°C
  • Bed Temp: 100-110°C
  • Bed Prep: Magigoo
  • Heated Chamber: Recommended, a chamber helps reduce warping and improves layer adhesion
  • Drying Instructions: 80°C for 4 hours.
  • Filament Specifications: 1.75mm and 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm in diameter
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