MatterHackers Alec Steele's 3D Printed Vise

3D print your own vise just like the one collaborated on by Alec Steele and MatterHackers

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We collaborated with Alec Steele to create a 3D model of a vise combining all of his favorite features across his many vises, then we cast it bronze, sanded it, and polished to create a beautiful desk vise. Due to popular demand, you can now 3D print a vise of your own! This set of parts has been modified to be as 3D printable as possible with minimal post-processing.

You may be able to get away with printing without supports, but for the ideal surface, supports are recommended for the Static Jaw, Dynamic Jaw, Handle Knobs, and Meatball and Leadscrew. If you need some help with adhesion, print "Handle" and "Meatball and Leadscrew" with a brim.

In testing, the leadscrew snapped off the meatball with minimal effort, so you have two options: pint it with 2 perimeters for a desk toy, or print with at least 4 perimeters to give it enough strength so it stays together.

Only three pieces of hardware are needed: two M3x10 socket head cap screws are needed for the handle knobs, and an M3 set screw for the washer.


  1. Slide the Nut into the Static Jaw. You may need to lightly sand some of the faces to get it to slide in easily.
  2. Insert the Meatball and Leadscrew into the Dynamic Jaw while fitting the Washer into the small slot at the start of the Dynamic Jaw. Though you shouldn't need to, you can sand the smooth part of the shaft or the holes to loosen up the fit.
  3. With the Meatball pressed up against the Jaw, move the washer in the direction of the meatball and secure it in place with the M3 set screw into the Leadscrew.
  4. Screw one Knob onto the handle using one M3x10 screw.
  5. Slide the Handle through the Meatball 
  6. Screw on the the second Knob with the last M3x10 screw.
  7. Make sure the leadscrew is cleaned of any print artifacts for a smooth motion.
  8. Slide the Dynamic Jaw into the Static Jaw, threading the Leadscrew into the Nut. Once they start sliding together, you can glue the nut in place, though not required.

You can watch Part 1 and Part 2 to 3D Printing a Bench Vise right here:

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