AOSEED AOSEED X-maker STEM Educational 3D Printer for Kids


The AOSEED X X-MAKER 3D Printer offers a user-friendly 3D printing experience making it easy even for kids to design and print. It serves as a creative factory, with 6 dedicated toy custom apps for children aged 4-12, transforming 3D printing into a world of personalized toy creation. It's a silent, accessible gateway into the world of 3D printing, complete with a vast library of models and continuous learning opportunities.

  • no complex set up or calibration needed
  • easy-use app for creativity in 3D Printing
  • fully enclosed and ultra silent printing
  • gamified Design Software
  • iF Design award 2022
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Features of AOSEED X-Maker:

  • Out of the box, ready to go, and easy to use, perfect for K12 & beginners
  • AOSEED curriculum PBL STEM courses for K12 students, integrated 3D Design, 3D printing, robots, & coding.
  • It comes with an engaging, game-like application that eliminates the complexities of 3D design, making it as simple as using a photo or a drawing.
  • Users have access to an ever-expanding collection of 3D models, catering to diverse needs and hobbies.
  • The printer features an enclosed design that effectively contains any fumes.
  • It supports wireless smart printing, making it compatible with phones, tablets, and other devices.
  • With its ultra-quiet operation, it's perfectly suited for environments like classrooms, offices, or bedrooms.

Technical Specifications:

  • Build Volume: 150mm x 150mm x 150mm
  • Layer Thickness: 100-300 microns
  • Connectivity: Wifi / USB
  • Package dimensions & weight: 440mm x 440mm x 460mm (33lbs)
  • Printing Software: X-Slicer, X-Maker App
  • RoHS compliant

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