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BCN3D BCN3D Sigma Magnetic Glass Bed

A replacement for the standard print bed that comes pre-installed on the BCN3D Sigma 3D printer. The original BCN Sigma and the newer R17 model both utilize the same print bed, making this product compatible with any Sigma on the market.

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Magnetic Glass Plate for Sigma

The perfect replacement glass plate for your Sigma and Sigma R17 printer is finally here. The plate is made up of Borosilicate glass which is known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making them more resistant to thermal shock than normal glass. Its thermal properties make it useful for printing ABS and PLA, especially in conjunction with a heated bed. With ABS we recommended adding some Kapton tape and when printing in PLA we recommended adding blue painter's tape to the surface.

Removable Bed

The removable glass print bed for the BCN Sigma 3D printer utilizes magnetic location, making this one of the easiest print beds to install and align. Simply drop the print bed onto the aluminum base, adjust slightly and the magnets align and lock in to place. Removing the print bed from the BCN Sigma is just as easy. While the magnets are strong enough to hold the bed solid during printing, it is still easy to remove the print bed with a sharp pull. Easily removed for cleaning or part retrieval, the magnetic glass bed for the BCN3D Sigma 3D printer makes printing on a Sigma as easy as can be.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatible 3D Printers: BCN3D Sigma and Sigma R17
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Dimensions: 210mm x 300mm

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