BlazeCut USA BlazeCut T-Series Fire Suppression for Devices - T100E

The BlazeCut "T" series system provides simple, and cost-effective fire protection for small enclosures. Consisting of a heat sensitive tube made of special plastic and closed on each end by a stainless steel fitting, the BlazeCut system is designed to rupture and expel its extinguishing agent when temperatures inside of the protected enclosure rise above a critical threshold of 120°C (248°F).

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The BlazeCut T-Series Fire Suppression Device consists of three parts, a heat-sensitive tube made of special plastic, Stainless Steel fittings which are used to close off each end, and pressurized extinguishing agent which is stored inside of the tube. The specialized plastic is designed to detect and rupture when the temperature inside of the enclosure rises above critical (120°C), at which point, the tube will rupture at a single point and release the entire extinguishing agent onto the source of the fire.

This product utilizes HFC-227ea clean extinguishing agent, which is an extremely effective, clean, and people-safe extinguishing medium. The unique properties of this agent paired together with the easy to install, and the non-power supply dependent hardware the T-series easily makes this device one of the best and most universally useful fire suppression solutions for small printer enclosures.

Note: It is essential to size your BlazeCut T-series appropriately for the space to be adequately protected. This BlazeCut T100E can protect an enclosed area up to 0.25 cubic meters.


The BlazeCut Fire Suppression System utilizes HFC-227ea, which is an extremely effective, clean, and people-safe extinguishing medium. The HFC clean extinguishing agent contained inside of BlazeCut T-Series leaves no residue, does not conduct electricity, corrode, or cause shock damage to electrical appliances making it the ideal choice for sensitive devices.


  • Tube Length: 100cm
  • Extinguishing Agent Volume: 250g
  • A, B, C, and live electrical equipment rated.
  • UL recognized and FM approved.


BlazeCut USA is a leading automatic fire suppression system company, known globally for delivering top-performing fire suppression systems. All systems are manufactured to improve fire system response time and to maximize the protection of customers and their assets in all types of environments. Products are tested at their in-house testing facilities in addition to being tested at accredited testing institutes. BlazeCut is a proud member of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

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