E3D E3D v6 Titanium Heat Break - 1.75mm

Upgrade your standard stainless steel Heat Break with the new and improved E3D v6 Titanium Heat Break.

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Titanium vs. Stainless Steel

When looking to upgrade your heat break for the standard E3D V6 HotEnds, the new Grade 5 Titanium heat breaks are the way to go. Titanium is strong material that is resistant to corrosion which is why it is often preferred in manufacturing industries. Grade 5 Titanium is even better as it is one of the best Titanium alloys due to is high strength coupled with its light weight. Since it is also less thermally conductive, it makes for a better metal for a heat break which calls for an improved extrusion experience.

Beautiful, Resistant Surface

Not only have these newer heat breaks been manufactured with a stronger material, it is also aesthetically pleasing as it has an improved surface finish. The improved finish is not just a visual choice though, because it also reduces extrusion force which further improves reliability. The manufacturing processes for all E3D HeatBreaks has been overhauled to achieve a better internal surface finish than ever before. The improved internal surface finish helps to reduce extrusion force and improve reliability on retractions which means they are less likely to break.

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