E3D E3D Thermistor Cartridge

Replacement E3D Thermistor Cartridge for use in cartridge-style E3D V6 Hotends. This thermistor is encapsulated into a simple and reliable package for easy installation and hotend maintenance if required. A connector next to the thermistor itself makes complete hotend swaps simple and easy. In addition, strong, laser-welded internal connections make this a thermistor that will serve you well for years to come.

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Product No. M-8PG-H08F

Trusted design and reliable performance from the E3D Thermistor Cartridge

The Thermistor is an essential component of any 3D printer hotend - a component that simply cannot fail. From the creator of the v6 hotend ecosystem, this Semitec 104NT temperature sensor is a beautiful combination of everything a thermistor needs along with rigid construction for long-term use. The outer casing of the thermistor cartridge is constructed of stainless steel for a high-strength shell with reduced oxidation than copper-built thermistors. The stainless steel cartridge also contains the laser-welded connection between the thin thermistor leads and strong, multi-strand copper cabling which greatly improves the lifetime of the thermistor. Each cartridge features a Microfit 3 connector for easy component swapping at the hotend without a full re-wire of your 3D printer.

E3D Thermistor Cartridge installed in a v6 hotend

Technical Specifications

  • Thermistor Type: Semitec 104NT
  • Maximum Temperature: 285°C
  • In-line Connector: Microfit 3.0
  • Insulation: Fiberglass Sleeving
  • Cartridge Material: Stainless Steel

What's in the Box?

  • E3D Thermistor Cartridge
  • 1m Extension Cable

The complete Thermistor package

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