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Pulse 3D Printer

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Fully Assembled, Customizable 3D Printer
Pulse 3D Printer
Completely Customizable
Personalize the Pulse 3D printer to meet your 3D printing needs with a variety of industry-leading upgrades.
Tested & Guaranteed
The Pulse 3D printer is assembled, tested and guaranteed by the Pros at MatterHackers in California.
Streamlined Experience
The Pulse arrives with fully pre-configured software and settings specific to your upgrades and loaded into your MatterControl account.
Highest Level Tech
The Pulse arrives stock with BuildTak applied to the heated bed and BL Touch Probe Auto-leveling - the most technologically advanced auto-calibration solution available.
About the Pulse 3D Printer
The Pulse 3D printer is a high-quality, fully-customizable 3D printer based on the open-source, Prusa i3, designed to meet the needs of any maker. For professional use, inside the classroom, or even on your workbench at home, you can personalize your Pulse with a variety of upgrades to make your 3D printing experience unique. Your Pulse is hand-built by MatterHackers’ Pros using precision machined components, then thoroughly tested to guarantee successful 3D printing. Your Pulse arrives fully pre-configured with software and settings specific to your selected upgrades, streamlining the experience so you can start creating faster and more efficiently.
Pulse 3D Printer
Customize your Pulse 3D Printer today
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Pulse 3D Printer Pulse XE 3D Printer
Recommended Use Beginner/Home Use, Professional, Industrial, and Commercial Prototyping and Fabrication, Higher Education and Research Printing Advanced Materials
Build Volume 250mm x 220mm x 215mm (10in x 10in x 8.5in) 250mm x 220mm x 215mm (10in x 10in x 8.5in)
Easy Setup and Use Yes Yes
Auto-Bed Leveling Yes Yes
Tetherless Printing via SD Card Yes (With Upgrade) Yes
Filament Runout Sensor Yes (With Upgrade) Yes
Nozzle 0.4mm Brass (Upgradeable to Olsson Ruby or Hardened Steel) 0.4mm Olsson Ruby
Returns/Warranty MatterHackers Success Guarantee, 1 year repair-or-replace warranty, lifetime support. MatterHackers Success Guarantee, 1 year repair-or-replace warranty, lifetime support.
Why buy from MatterHackers?

At MatterHackers we pride ourselves on offering friendly service, advice, and support. Our prices are always the lowest in the industry when you factor in our free shipping for every item on the MatterHackers site (including 3D printers). Most of all, our staff is attentive and knowledgeable - we’ve been 3D printing for several years now and are happy to answer your 3D printing questions. Have a question about the amazing capabilities of the Peopoly Moai SLA resin 3D printer? No problem. Feel free to give us a call.

In short, the MatterHackers Pros are here to partner with you through every step of your 3D printing journey. Additionally, we have all of the 3D Printers, Filament, and Accessories that you could ever need to design anything you can imagine.