MatterHackers Pulse EDU - Education Bundle

Pulse EDU - Educational Bundle is designed with educators in mind by combining the Pulse XE 3D Printer and additional accessories, materials, and resources that will revamp your curriculum with new, fun, and creative ways to help students comprehend concepts.

Key Features of Pulse EDU Bundle:
• New Interactive Way for Project-Based Learning
• Teach Valuable Skills and Knowledge Found in STEAM/STEM Jobs
• Beginner Friendly with Room to Explore
• Build Interest in Learning
• Deep Savings on Quality Education Tools
• 1 Year Warranty with Lifetime Customer Support

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Pulse EDU - Education Bundle

A Comprehensive Way to Foster Future Makers And Engineers

The Pulse EDU Bundle contains the reliable Pulse XE 3D Printer with additional materials, accessories, and resources that provide you with a new and engaging way to teach your students about FDM 3D printing.

Key Features of Pulse EDU Bundle:

  • New Interactive Way for Project-Based Learning
  • Teaches 3D modeling & 3D printing—skills valued in STEM/STEAM jobs
  • Fantastic Start for Learning/Teaching 3D Printing
  • Build Interest in Learning FDM 3D Printing with Ease
  • Save on Quality Education Tools
  • 1 Year Warranty with Lifetime Customer Support

Beginner-Friendly 3D Printing Starts With a Pulse

Digital fabrication is accessible to all ages and Pulse is no exception in providing a streamlined 3D printing experience that makes new-to-3D-printing users feel confident in stepping into the additive manufacturing world.

  • Pulse is fully assembled right out of the box
  • No additional upgrades or accessories needed
  • Designed to reduce steps between setup and hitting "print"
  • LaunchPad Service (included) guarantees a confident first experience
Beautiful NylonX printed on a LayerLock Garolite build surface

NylonG print with a Pulse XE 3D Printer in the background

Enhanced Learning Possibilities

Go a step beyond text and images and have your students dive into the exciting world of three-dimensional space for understanding and comprehending concepts. 

  • Excite and Shakeup How Students Learn
  • Students Play a More Active Role in Learning
  • 3D Printing and 3D Modeling Makes Tactile Learning More Accessible
  • Exercise Students' Skills & Creativity with Recreating and Reimagining Concepts

Stimulate Education in a Creative Way

Finding new ways to creatively stimulate the curriculum is even easier through 3D modeling and 3D printing.

  • Put a New Spin on Old Project Ideas
  • Project-Based Learning Adds Excitement
  • Students Learn/Practice Useful CAD Skills
  • New Way of Learning/Problem-Solving
  • Guidance Provided Through PrintLab in EDU Bundle
Captain America theme 3D Printed Arm

Students Learning FDM 3D Printing

Invest in Future Makers

Introducing the latest tools to the next generation of young, creative minds will lead to some of them using those same skills and technology to solve the problems of tomorrow.

  • Students Learn 3D Modeling & 3D Printing Skills
  • These Skills are Found in STEM Jobs
  • Learning These Skills Gives Students a Competitive Advantage
  • FDM Digital Fabrication is used in every industry such as film, architecture, video games, automotive, medicine, and more

Experience Nothing But the Best

First impressions matter which is why Pulse is designed to deliver a pleasant experience for a user's first 3D printer.

  • Pulse is Constructed with Industry-leading Parts
  • 1000+ Hours of Reliable 3D Printing Guaranteed
  • Designed to Streamline the FDM Printing Process—Right Out of the Box
  • Provide the Best First 3D Printing Experience for Students with a Quality 3D Printer
3D Printed Part on Pulse XE 3D Printer

What Our Customers Say About Pulse

I just love this machine so much!  

-Bill White | Applied Engineering and Technology Teacher & MatterHackers Education Ambassador

"It is the perfect printer for printing functional parts in the school setting or for personal use!"
Read Bill's full review of the Pulse XE here.

A unit well built and of high quality...  

-Richard H. Ford | Medical Institute of Northeast Georgia

"We were surprised at what we found when we received our first printer. A unit well built and of high quality... It worked like a charm right out of the box... No tweaking like other units, just plug it in and run the initial setup as instructed and off you go."

Pules EDU Bundle & 3D Printer Features:

MatterHackers Launchpad
Launchpad Remote Training 
Access 1 hour of remote training with an Application Engineer to set up for printing success quickly and with confidence.
PrintLab Classroom 7 Day Free Trial
PrintLab Classroom (7 Day Free Trial)
PrintLab Classroom provides educators a professional development and lesson plan portal for easy 3D printing integration into core subject areas. With this 7-day free trial, you'll get a glimpse of how you can streamline your 3D printing lesson plans for maximum education and fun.
Spool of MatterHackers PRO Series Filament
Three Spools of 1.75mm PRO Series Filament (1kg)
Made in the USA, MatterHackers PRO Series filament is manufactured to the tightest tolerances to produce professional, high-quality, 3D printed results.
BuildTak Extra FlexPlate
[Included] BuildTak Extra Spring Steel Plate
An extra BuildTak Build Surface installed on a LayerLock spring steel build plate. Succeed with standard materials like PLA, ABS, and PETG as well as flexibles. This is packed separately from the printer.
BLTouch Probe
Auto-Mesh Bed Leveling
Pulse uses a genuine BLTouch probe to automatically level the bed before printing for a nice even bottom layer.
Filament Runout Sensor
Filament Runout Sensor
This will alert MatterControl to pause your print session when the spool is out of material, minimizing chances of incomplete prints.
LCD Screen
Standard LCD Screen
Standard resolution screen that allows for printing tetherless via standard SD card and manually adjusting nozzle and heated bed capabilities. Note that you will need a standard SD card that has 2-16GB capacity and must be formatted as FAT32.
SNAP Quick-Change Tool Head System
SNAP Quick-Change Tool Head System
Replace or switch between different hotend-nozzle configurations, without any tools, in a snap. Upgrading and repairing the hot extrusion just got a lot easier.
E3D V6 Hotend 1.75mm (Bowden) 
E3D V6 Hotend 1.75mm (Bowden)
The robust and reliable hotend by E3D. Capable of temperatures up to 290°C and compatible with any material that extruders below 300°C.
Hardened Steel Nozzle 0.4mm x 1.75mm
Hardened Steel Nozzle 0.4mm x 1.75mm
The reliable entry nozzle for printing abrasive, as well as non-abrasive, filaments.
Bondtech Extruder
Bondtech BMG Extruder
A reliable extruder that all but eliminates slipping, deformation, and under-extrusion. Produced by industry leaders over at Bondtech.
Capricorn Tubing XS Tubing
Capricorn - Premium Bowden Tubing
Premium quality Bowden tubing that follows stricter diameter tolerances and is formulated with additional additives that increase lubricity in order to eliminate jams, clogs, and gaps in printing.
LayerLock Garolite Heated Bed
[pre-installed] LayerLock Garolite Bed Surface
Garolite is the go-to bed surface to succeed with Nylon, NylonX, and other nylon-based materials that is also capable of printing standard filaments like PLA. This arrives installed on the printer.
LayerLock MagBase
LayerLock MagBase on Heated Bed 
This magnetic base allows for build surfaces on steel plates to be detachable making print removal and build surface interchangeability a whole lot easier and convenient. The max temperature of the heated bed is 120°C.
24V Power Supply
24V Power Supply and Spool Holder
This 24V power supply easily processes any complex tasks so no missteps occur during a print job. Additionally, the spool holder intentionally extends from the power supply so there's a seamless path of filament to the extruder for reliable results.
MatterControl 3D Printer Software Including Power Recovery
This free, open-source, all-in-one software package lets you design, slice, organize, and manage your 3D prints. It contains printer settings ideal for the Pulse XE 3D printer and has helpful features such a power recovery, reloading filament mid-print, real-time modification of Z-offset, and more.

What Add-Ons are Available for the Pulse EDU?

PrintLab Classroom
PrintLab - Teacher License - 1 Year +$299
PrintLab Online 3D Printing Curriculum and Certification Course is a professional development and lesson plan portal for teachers looking to integrate 3D printing into core subject areas. This gives you 12 months access to all of PrintLab's downloadable lesson plans and training resources, including a certified course for teachers that details all aspects of 3D printing in the classroom.
MatterHackers Tool Kit (Essentials)
MatterHackers 3D Printing Tool Kit Essentials+$50
The essentials version of the MatterHackers Tool Kit contains all of the essential tools a maker needs for seamless, successful 3D printing. All tools included in this kit have been selected with personal 3D printer experience in mind, guaranteeing each item will be invaluable to your 3D printing process. Need convenience? You’ve found it in the form of our MatterHackers Tool Kit.
MatterHackers 3D Printing Tool Kit Premium
MatterHackers 3D Printing Tool Kit Premium +$96
This kit contains all of the essential tools a maker needs for successful 3D printing, as well as additional items that further streamline your FDM experience for faster and better workflow.
PRO Series PLA 10 Pack
PRO Series PLA 10 Pack+$380
- This bundle pack contains 10 spools of MatterHackers’ PRO Series PLA in 5 popular colors (Blue, Black, White, Grey, and Red) so you can stock up and save money by ordering in bulk. Made in the USA, MatterHackers’ PRO Series PLA is a formulation of PLA filament intended for producing professional, high quality, 3D printed parts. This bundle is a huge money saver for educators who plan on utilizing 3D printing in numerous projects.
Stick Stick 3D Printer Bed Adhesion - 50ml
Stick Stick 3D Printer Bed Adhesion - 50ml +$11.99
One of the biggest problems encountered by 3D printer enthusiasts of all experience levels is bed adhesion: when your settings are dialed in perfectly, but your first layer still peels off the bed! There are lots of ways to help this, from bed temperature to filament selection, but one of the most subtle-yet-powerful solutions to this headache is the adhesive. Enter Stick Stick. Specially formulated to keep your print on the bed, until you're ready to remove it.
Pulse 3D Printer Maintenance Kit
Pulse 3D Printer Maintenance Kit +$110
Maintenance is a must for any machine. This kit contains all the essential components and tools for standard, minimal maintenance on your Pulse.
Pulse Enclosure Kit
Pulse Enclosure Kit - Black +$279
Helps regulate printer's ambient temperature and reduces warping that may occur during printing. This enclosure kit is also available in white (colors do not affect quality or performance).
PrintDry PRO Filament Drying System
PrintDry PRO Filament Drying System +$189
Required for long-term success with hygroscopic filaments like Nylon, NylonX, and even PETG and TPU. Temperature is adjustable between 35°C - 70°C and there are small openings on the sides of the chamber for printing while drying. This container has automatic humidity control and can hold two standard spools and more with additional upgrades.

What's in the Bundle?

  • Pulse XE 3D Printer (Fully Assembled)
  • 1 x PRO Series Ryno - 1.75mm (1kg)
  • 3 x MatterHackers PRO Series Filament - 1.75mm (1kg)
  • 1x LayerLock Buildtak Build Plate
  • PrintLab Online 3D Printing Curriculum and Certification Course (7 Day Free Trial; Provided Digitally)
  • Launchpad Remote Training (1 hr)
  • 3 pc Hex Wrench Set
  • Power Supply Cord
  • Spool Holder Rod
  • USB Cable
  • Getting Started Flyer
Pulse Logo

Technical Specifications

Printer Technology Fused Deposition Modeling
Filament Diameter Ø 1.75 mm
Print Area Volume
(X x Y x Z)
250 x 220 x 210 mm
(10" x 9" x 8.27")
Machine Volume
(X x Y x Z) [excl. spool]
533 x 590.55 x 483 mm (21 x 23.25 x 19 in)
*This is the minimum clearance required for the printer to function without issue.
CPU 8-bit
Firmware Marlin
Connectivity USB Serial and standard SD Card
Resolution 20 microns (.02mm)
Layer Height 30 microns to 350 microns (0.03mm - 0.35mm)
Sensor Type Filament Runout
Nozzle Size 0.4mm
Nozzle Type E3D Hardened Steel
HotEnd E3D V6
Max HotEnd Temp 290°C ±5°C
Max Heated Bed Temp 115°C ±5°C
Extruder Type Bowden
Extruder Bondtech BMG
Supported Materials PLA, ABS, TPU, TPE, Flex, Ryno, PET, PETT, PETG, CPE, PVA/BVOHHIPS, nGen, Polyamide / Nylon, PC (Polycarbonate), Polypropylene, Metal, Carbon-filled, Woodfill, Metalfill, and more
Print Surface Removable LayerLock Garolite build plate on a heated bed [pre-installed]
LayerLock BuildTak Build Plate [included]
Speed Travel speed of up to 250 mm/s and a print speed as high as 60 mm/s
Power Recovery Yes - MatterControl will recover a printer power loss
Bed Calibration Automatic Print Leveling - 25 point BLTouch sensor
Remote Control Yes (limited) - via MatterControl Sync
Operating System Compatibility Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Open Standards Pulse uses open standard technology, which means compatibility with open source tools and no artificial restrictions around the materials you can use.
Returns/Warranty 1-Year Standard Warranty, Lifetime Customer Support

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