MatterHackers MatterHackers FDM 3D Printing Tool Kit Essentials

Introducing the MatterHackers 3D Printing Tool Kit Essentials! This product contains all of the essential tools a maker needs for successful 3D printing. All tools included in this kit have been selected with personal 3D printer experience in mind, guaranteeing each item will be invaluable to your 3D printing process. Need convenience? You’ve found it in the form of our MatterHackers 3D Printing Tool Kit.

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Have the essential tools you need at all times with the MatterHackers FDM 3D Printing Tool Kit Essentials. Containing fundamental 3D printing tools both beginners and veterans use, this kit ensures you're prepared with the right tools for the basic FDM 3D printing workflow.

Key Features of the MatterHackers FDM 3D Printing Tool Kit Essentials:

  • Contains core 3D printing tools
  • Useful for everyday issues/needs
  • Adds convenience and streamlines production workflow
  • Hard travel-size case included for safe portability
  • Curated by everyday 3D printer users


Not sure what critical tools you need for your everyday 3D printing experience? Look no further than the MatterHackers Tool Kit! This kit carries all the essential tools every maker will need to tackle all stages of preparation, printing, and post-processing. These fundamental tools come in a convenient, portable container for safe traveling (and room for more tools with its removable inserts).

How do we know these tools are useful for 3D printing? These tools were curated based on personal 3D printing experience from our staff as well as years of feedback from customers' experiences.

Cutting filament with a wire cutter from the MatterHackers FDM 3D Printing Tool Kit Essentials


The MatterHackers FDM 3D Printing Tool Kit entail multiple tools specifically chosen and proven to streamline your everyday 3D printing experience. How exactly will this essentials tool kit provide you convenience?

Print Removal Spatula Tool Box Adjustable Screwdriver
Reduce the strain of
removing prints off the bed
using this spatula. Lay the
blade flat on the bed surface
and gently push it against
the base of your print until
it pops off the surface.*
Carry all the tools you need
to succeed in this
convenient, travel-friendly
tool box. Foam inserts are
included to provide extra
safety when traveling.
Tighten or dismantle screws on
your 3D printer and projects
with this screwdriver. This
comes with 30 tool bit heads.
Flush Cutters Brass Wire Brush Long Nose Pliers
Snip filament, small blobs,
and strings on prints and
small wires with these flush
Remove excess filament
extruding from your nozzle
by using this wire brush.

Brass bristles are safe to use
with all types of nozzles.
Easily remove large support
structures, grasp difficult-to-
reach areas, and more with
these pliers.
Art Knife
Carve out and clean between
the tight spaces in your

* For your safety, be sure to point the spatula AWAY from you during use.

Note: The color of the tools in this kit may vary from the photo, depending on inventory at time of purchase. Color will not affect the tool's performance.

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