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E3D Silicone Socks - Pack of 3

E3D's high temperature, non-stick silicone sock fits right over your v6 Heater Block, keeping your nozzle clean and maintaining temperature stability. These silicone socks are only compatible with the new Heater Block for Sensor Cartridge, and will not fit properly on the old clamped thermistor style block.
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E3D's silicone socks only fit the new cartridge style thermistor blocks. With a pack of three, you'll be set for over 300 print hours, as each sock should last 100+ hours of print time. 

What's So Great About These Socks?

  • Keep your nozzle clean and protected from filament residue and burnt on plastic.
  • Made from heat-resistant, non-stick silicone that should repel even the stickiest of materials such as co-polyesters and filled filaments.
  • Maintain temperature stability, especially when using fan cooling around the nozzle. The ability to reduce radiation of heat from the block and nozzle without sacrificing airflow cooling will boost your ability to print overhangs and bridges.
  • The socks fit over the heater block without any disassembly, and the silicone will expand to the correct size when hot to fit the hotend snugly.

These newer socks provide coverage without blocking your view of the nozzle

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