E3D E3D v6 Plated Copper Heater Block

This heater block is built from a high-temperature copper alloy with a softening point above 500°C - well beyond what any 3D printer needs to achieve. They also boast increased thermal conductivity, yielding a more accurate filament temperature while printing. This heater block is a drop-in replacement for the standard v6 heater block for both 1.75mm and 3.00mm setups and includes all necessary tools and hardware for installation.

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Why copper alloy?

The copper alloy used to make this heater block along with other E3D nozzles is a great material for 3D printing because it transfers heat more efficiently than standard brass or aluminium. Filament doesn't spend much time in the hotend, and taking it from room temperature to glass transition as quickly as possible is key to smooth, fast printing as well as avoiding jams or clogs. This copper alloy transfers heat to the filament very well, providing a filament temperature closer to the hotend temperature.

Pick up some Plated Copper nozzle's for the perfect high-temp extrusion system!

Print faster and hotter

The increased thermal conductivity of this heater block over the standard aluminum v6 heater block means printing faster is theoretically easier as the filament is being heated faster inside the hotend. This enables you to push more material through the hotend than before, either in the form of faster printing or increased layer heights. Aluminum heater blocks begin to degrade above 350°C, while this copper alloy doesn't even begin to soften until way beyond 500°C - proving you with much more headspace and worry free high temperature printing. Never worry about your heater block, even when printing PC at 300°C.

Everything you need for installation is included

Technical Specifications

  • Hotend compatibality: E3D v6
  • Nozzle compatibality: non-volcano E3D nozzles, including brass, hardened steel, and plated copper.
  • Package Contents: Plated Copper Heater Block with all necessary installation components

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