Slice Engineering Slice Engineering Boron Nitride Thermal Paste - 5 cc

Boron nitride thermal paste is used as a heat transfer compound and release agent coating for many 3D printer hotend components. This 5cc applicator is perfect for installing new or replacement hotend parts, or for any mating surfaces that conduct heat.

Simply apply this paste into the respective space on your 3D printer’s heater block, install your heater cartridge, thermistor, or nozzle into the space, and you're ready to use your Mosquito Hotend for some awesome 3D printing projects! This paste is not electrically conductive, and will not seize, eliminating risk of shorting out or damaging your 3D printer components.

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Did you know NASA has been experimenting with Boron Nitride thermal paste for use with future space flight missions in high temperature applications? It's true! What makes this material an ideal candidate for NASA and for your 3D printer is that Boron Nitride paste enhances the conduction of heat between components without conducting electricity, allowing your 3D printer’s heater block to distribute heat evenly, and therefore delivering the highest print quality in the shortest amount of time.

Boron nitride paste will not only help conduct heat between your 3D printer’s hotend components, but when the time comes to swap or replace a hotend component, the paste helps act as a release agent, helping ensure your heater cartridges, thermistors, and nozzles do not become permanently stuck to your 3D printer’s heater block. Unlike most anti-seize compounds, Boron Nitride does not conduct electricity, also safeguarding the delicate electronics inside your hotend.

Want to know more? Click here to view the SDS on Boron Nitride Thermal Paste.

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