The BOFA AD 1000 iQ is a high-performance laser fume extraction system designed for heavy-duty laser marking, coding, and engraving tasks. It features a large filter capacity, robust airflow and pressure rates, a patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter, and an iQ Operating System. It's designed to optimize performance while reducing maintenance, downtime, and costs.

  • Exceptionally large filter capacity, high airflow
  • Patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter included
  • Minimal maintenance and ownership costs
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AD 1000 iQ, an advanced laser fume extraction system tailored for laser marking, coding, and engraving applications. BOFA's high-end AD 1000 iQ laser extraction system combines an exceptionally large filter capacity with robust airflow and pressure rates, rendering it the ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks that produce substantial particulate and gaseous organic compounds. This system elevates performance and safety through the integration of innovative features, including BOFA's patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter and the highly acclaimed iQ Operating System, taking operational parameters to a higher level while minimizing maintenance, downtime, and overall ownership costs.

Her are the top features of the BOFA AD iQ1000

  • High-performance AD 1000 iQ laser fume extraction system
  • Designed for laser marking, coding, and engraving applications
  • Exceptionally large filter capacity, high airflow, and pressure rates
  • Features include patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter and iQ Operating System
  • Optimized for heavy-duty tasks with minimal maintenance and ownership costs

Innovative Technology for Superior Performance

The AD 1000 iQ laser fume extraction system is equipped with an array of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring top-notch performance and safety. Here's a closer look at the technological advancements that set this system apart:

  1. Intelligent Operating System (iQ): The iQ Operating System is the brain behind the AD 1000 iQ. This intelligent system takes performance to new heights and enhances safety parameters, all while providing real-time control and monitoring.

  2. DeepPleat DUO Pre-filter: BOFA's patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter technology ensures efficient and effective filtration of particulates, extending filter life and reducing maintenance requirements.

  3. HEPA Filter with Automatic Flow Control (AFC) Technology: The inclusion of a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, combined with AFC technology, guarantees the removal of even the finest particulate matter. The system's automatic flow control optimizes filter efficiency.

  4. Reverse Flow Air (RFA) Technology: RFA technology is integral to AD 1000 iQs operation. The reverse flow air technology feature causes a fall in velocity and air direction change. Larger particulate falls out of the air stream into the filters drop-out chamber. With less particulate entering the filter media the filter life is significantly increased.

  5. Advanced Carbon Filter (ACF) Technology: The AD 1000 iQ employs ACF technology, ensuring efficient removal of gaseous organic compounds, providing a safe and clean working environment.

  6. Patented Technology: Many of the system's components feature patented technologies, ensuring that you're benefitting from state-of-the-art solutions that are exclusive to BOFA.

  7. ProTECT Service Plan: With the ProTECT service plan, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your AD 1000 iQ is backed by a comprehensive service package designed to keep your system running smoothly.

  8. SureCHECK Quality Standard: The AD 1000 iQ adheres to BOFA's SureCHECK quality standard, signifying a commitment to excellence and quality assurance in every aspect of the product's design and manufacturing.

Key Features of the AD 1000 iQ

Standard Features:

  • iQ Operating System: The intelligent iQ Operating System provides advanced control and monitoring capabilities for enhanced performance and safety.
  • High Airflow and Pressure Rates: Standard high airflow and pressure rates ensure efficient extraction in demanding applications.
  • Reverse Flow Air Filter Technology: This standard feature aids in self-cleaning the system, optimizing filter life and efficiency.
  • DeepPleat DUO Pre-filter: BOFA's patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter technology extends filter life and reduces maintenance needs.
  • Automatic Flow Control System: The system's automatic flow control optimizes filter efficiency as needed.
  • Real-Time Airflow Reading: Stay informed with real-time airflow monitoring for precise control.
  • High Contrast Display: The high-contrast display ensures easy and clear visibility of vital information.
  • 'Run Safe' Operation: Standard 'Run Safe' operation prioritizes safety and performance.
  • Remote Diagnostics via USB: Stay connected with remote diagnostics via USB for convenient system monitoring.
  • Independent Filter Condition Monitoring, Display, and Warnings: This feature keeps you informed about filter status, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Combined HEPA/Gas Filter with ACF Technology: The standard combined filter efficiently removes particulates and gaseous compounds for a clean workspace.
  • Filters with Long Life and Low Replacement Cost: Enjoy cost savings with filters designed for extended service life.

Optional Features:

  • VOC Gas Sensor (Volatile Organic Compound): Optional VOC gas sensors enhance safety in environments where volatile organic compounds are a concern.
  • Remote Stop/Start Interface: Control the system remotely with the optional stop/start interface for added convenience.
  • Filter Change/System Fail Signal: Receive signals for filter changes and system failures with this optional feature.
  • Interfacing with Host Laser: Optional interfacing capabilities allow seamless integration with host laser systems.
  • Optional Filter Medias: Tailor the system to your specific needs with a range of optional filter media choices.

These key features make the AD 1000 iQ a versatile and advanced laser fume extraction solution, suitable for a wide range of applications and user requirements.

Technical Specifications


  • EU: 1205 x 615 x 790mm
  • US: 47.44 x 24.21 x 31.10”

Cabinet Construction:

  • Brushed stainless steel / Powder coated mild steel

Airflow / Pressure:

  • EU: 850m³/hr / 100mbar
  • US: 500cfm / 100mbar

Electrical Data:

  • EU: 230v Single-phase 1~ 50/60Hz, Full load current: 12.8 amps / 2.2kw
  • US: 115v 60/50Hz, Full load current: 19.5 amps / 2.2kw

Noise Level:

  • < 63dBA (at typical operating speed)


  • 140kg (EU) / 309lbs (US)


  • EU: UKCA and CE
  • US: cUL, UL*

DeepPleat DUO Pre-filter Specifications:

  • Surface Media Area: 30m² approx (322.8ft²)
  • Filter Media: Borosilicate
  • Filter Media Construction: Maxi fold construction with webbing spacers
  • Filter Housing: Zintec mild steel
  • Filter Efficiency: 95% @ 0.9 microns
  • Inlet Size: 125mm (0.41ft)
  • Dropout Chamber Size: 58 litres
  • Filter Media Pleat Size: 200mm (0.65ft)

Combined Filter HEPA/Gas Specifications:

  • Surface Media Area: 7.5m² approx (80.7ft²)
  • HEPA Filter Media: Borosilicate
  • HEPA Media Construction: Maxi pleat construction with glue bead spacers
  • Filter Housing: Zintec mild steel
  • Treated Activated Carbon: 34kgs (74.8 lbs)
  • Filter Efficiency: 99.997% @ 0.3 microns

Unit Part Numbers:

  • AD 1000 iQ powder coated
    • 230V: Model L0762
    • 115V: Model L0761
  • AD 1000 iQ stainless steel
    • 230V: Model L0772
    • 115V: Model L0771

Replacement Filter Part Numbers:

  • DeepPleat DUO Pre-filter: A1030222
  • Combined HEPA/Gas Filter: A1030297

Additional Information:

  • Tested to UL and cUL standards, but testing may be provided by alternate nationally recognized test laboratories. Certain product configurations may affect the UL certification. Please speak to your sales representative.

These technical specifications provide a comprehensive overview of the AD 1000 iQ laser fume extraction system, its components, and configurations for both EU and US markets.

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