BondTech Bondtech BMG ALU Mount

The Bondtech BMG is a compact, lightweight and adaptable extruder that functions beautifully as a direct drive unit or in bowden configurations. For such a setup, mounting the BMG on your 3D printer's frame is usually a viable option, and this CNC machined aluminum plate is sandwiched between the extruder body and stepper motor to enable attachment to an aluminum extrusion with t-slot nuts or other surfaces with appropriate mounting holes.

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Product No. M-G64-PYC5

Add the freedom and security of a universal aluminum mount to your Bondtech BMG extruder

The Bondtech BMG is a great extruder choice for any FFF 3D printer thanks to its hardened steel dual-drive hobbed extruder gears that enable precision extrusion and high torque with materials from PLA to TPU and even abrasives like NylonK. The lightweight and compact form factor of the BMG makes it great for use as a direct drive extruder that connects directly to the hotend and lives on the moving tool head. Alternatively, the BMG can be used via a groove mount PTFE adapter in a Bowden drive setup, where the extruder is hard-mounted somewhere on the 3D printers frame. This CNC machined aluminum mount is made by Bondtech to sandwich perfectly between the BMG extruder body and the attached stepper motor, providing four mounting holes at a 90° angle for secure attachment away from the 3D printer hotend.

BMG ALU mount, ready to support your BMG extruder

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Compatible Extruder: BMG and BMG-M
  • Diameter of Mounting Holes: 4.2mm
  • Design Notes: The four mounting holes are 18mm apart in one axis, and 50mm apart in the other.

What's in the box?

  • Bondtech BMG ALU mount

BMG ALU mounting holes for printer attachment

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