BondTech Bondtech Motor Gear

This is a replacement for the brass gear included with all BMG Single and Dualdirect Bondtech extruders. This gear is what attaches directly onto the stepper motor output shaft and interfaces with the gearing of the extruder body. In the event you should damage or lose this component, spares are available here.

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Product No. M-8NM-Y0FN

Keep your Bondtech extruder running smoothly with this brass motor gear

Bondtech extruders all feature some kind of gearing, and for the BMG style extruders, a 3:1 gear ratio is accomplished via a gear shaft inside the extruder body. That gear shaft interfaces on one end with this brass gear which is slid onto and secured to the stepper motor output shaft. In the event the brass motor gear is installed improperly or accidentally damaged, additional units are available here. If you are looking to stock up on spare parts for anything that may one day need replacement, this motor gear should be on your list.

Stand-alone Bondtech Motor Gear, ready for use driving your new favorite extruder!

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Brass
  • Teeth: 17
  • Attachment: M3x3 setscrew

What's in the box?

  • Bondtech Motor Gear
  • M3x3 setscrew

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