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Bondtech QR Extruder Mount Dual Extruder for Lulzbot TAZ 5

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This mount is specifically designed to attach two Bondtech QR Extruders to the Lulzbot TAZ 5/6.

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Dual Extruder Mount - Front
Dual Extruder Mount - Front
Dual Extruder Mount - Back
Dual Extruder Mount - Back
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Print in ABS or PLA. Insert the heat-set threaded inserts into the bottom piece using a soldering iron. Use 3 screws to attach top piece and clamp extruders in place. Use the T-Slot fasteners to attach the mount to one of your printers rails. You will need to remove one of the printers corner brackets to insert the fastener into the rail.

The two end holes on the rear mount may need to be drilled in order to use M5 low head socket screws to attach to the printer.  This is to ensure maximum stiffness on the mount.

Hardware Needed