Carbide 3D Carbide 3D Bitrunner V2 - Deluxe

BitRunner is a power solution for Carbide Motion that allows users to control their router remotely, and includes a lockout pendant for additional safety.

  • Lockout pendant for manual disable
  • Control router power with Carbide Motion
  • Enhanced safety for bit changes
  • Select Deluxe option for improved AC interference noise reduction
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What Comes with the Bitrunner V2?

  • BitRunner
  • Remote lockout pendant
  • Pendant cable (4.2 meters / 13.7 feet)
  • Grounding cable (2.6 meters / 8.5 feet)
  • Carbide Motion logic cable (2.6 meters / 8.5 feet)

Deluxe version includes improved AC Noise Reduction

Compatibility: Shapeoko Pro, Shapeoko 4 and Shapeoko 5 Pro.

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