Carbide 3D Shapeoko 3 BitSetter

The BitSetter is a powerful addition to the Shapeoko 3 workspace that allows for automatic tool offset calibration, which means multi-tool jobs become a breeze. Open up a world of much more complicated CNC production without impacting your workload.

Product No. M-GLZ-X9A6
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Make Complex Jobs a Cinch with the Carbide 3D BitSetter

By measuring the length of your cutter while it rests in the spindle, the BitZero communicates with Carbide Motion to adjust the Z-height of your Shapeoko 3 for you. By swapping out the perfect cutter for each step of your project, you can achieve the results you need. Manually re-zeroing is a painful step, and a thing of the past with the BitSetter from Carbide 3D.

The BitSetter is compatible with all three sizes of Shapeoko 3, as well as the BitZero v1, but is not compatible with the Shapeoko 4 or Shapeoko Pro.

Please note: Carbide 3D products are no longer eligible for the redemption or accrual or MatterHackers Rewards.

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