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Carbide 3D Shapeoko Touch Probe

The Shapeoko CNC Router is an incredible machine that expands your creative opportunities to include subtractive manufacturing of materials like wood, foam, plastic, and even soft metals. These are precision machines and as such need accurate calibration - enter the Touch Probe. With this addon your Shapeoko can automatically detect bit length for precision operation. The popularity of the Shapeoko and Touch Probe has been incredible - thank you to everyone who has picked up one of these and to those looking to place new orders: We are working very close with Carbide3D to get more of these for you ASAP.
Product No. MHLSR7D0
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Adding Automatic calibration to your Shapeoko

The Shapeoko Touch Probe enables workpiece calibration in all three axis for a perfect start to your CNC project. The touch probe is rests perfectly on the corner of your stock thanks to a cutout on the bottom for proper alignment. Your Shapeoko will then touch the installed carving bit on the top of the touch probe to not only establish correct tool length but also to measure the height of your stock. Next the Shapeoko will touch the carving bit to the sides of the probe to establish the correct X and Y location of your stock material. After the Touch Probe calibration is finished you are ready to get your project started!

What's in the Box?

If you already have a Shapeoko, or are ordering one now, this item is all you need to include automatic calibration.

  • Touch Probe with attached cable
  • Adapter to connect probe to controller board
  • Grounding clip

The probe attaches to the controller board of your Shapeoko and the grounding clip attaches around one of the screws of the controller enclosure - easy to install when you have the enclosure open to connect the probe cables!

We are working on an install guide for the Touch Probe now - a link will be included here when it's available.