Carbide 3D Carbide 3D 2x3" Wax Block (5 Pack)

The Nomad 883 PRO and it's 3D carving Flip Jig are a great pair when it comes to machining precision components in full 3D, but if your next jewelry project needs a couple prototyping rounds, this machining wax is the best stock to use. Soft enough for fast work with tiny details, it's the best of both worlds for testing and learning.

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Product No. M-YT1-QNUH

Prototype fast and don't skip on the details

This machining wax is specifically manufactured to be used in subtractive manufacturing, it's the perfect combination of a soft material that machines quickly but also strong enough to hold on to the smallest details in your model. This wax can also be a great stock material for new CNC users to practice your first few cuts, since the softness of the material makes mistakes errors less dangerous for your bits.

This versatile stock material offers Infinite project possibilities!

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Machining Wax
  • Stock Shape: 2" x 3" x 1"
  • Number of blocks: 5

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