Carbide 3D Carbide 3D Nomad Low Profile Vise

The Low-Profile Vise can be mounted onto your Carbide 3D Nomad table to ensure perfect alignment while milling.

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Price: $120.00
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Product No. M-G91-KX62

Freedom to Move

The Carbide3D Nomad Low Profile Vise ensures your work material stays in place during milling. The precise dovetail undercut feature of the vise allows the jaws to move easily, yet retain the material immobile when needed. The vise itself can also be removed from the table when not in use, leaving you with the freedom to create openly.

Small yet Mighty

The low profile aspect makes it so you have unobstructed access to your work setup. The vice small but it gets the job done. It is 2" wide, 8" long and it will let you clamp material up to a width of 6.5". It also features a beautiful anodized finish to ensure a smooth surface.


The Low-Profile Vise is compatible with the following Carbide 3D Nomad models:

  • Nomad 883
  • Nomad Pro
  • Nomad 3

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