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Creality CR-10 E3D Upgrade

Upgrade your Creality CR-10 with an E3D hot end.
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Now you can upgrade your Creality CR-10 with a genuine E3D all metal hot end. The E3D provides more reliable extrusion and allows you to print higher temperature materials.

Installation Instructions

This mount was designed to be sturdy and simple. It provides easy access to the hot end for maintenance and repairs, and plenty of visibility so you can see what is going on while printing. It hold the nozzle at the same height as the original hot end, so your bed leveling should not need to be adjusted much.

There are two versions. One includes a holder for the stock layer cooling fan if you wish to continue using it. The other does not include a fan holder if you wish to use a seperate layer cooling solution.

You will need some other hardware in addition to the printed parts. Some of the screws from your original hot end can be reused. The rest can be purchased from McMaster-Carr.

Additional Parts

Source Files on Onshape

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