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Creality3D Creality3D Sermoon V1 Pro 3D Printer

The Creality Sermoon V1 and V1 Pro are hassle-free 3D printers that enables one-click printing and real-time monitoring via a built-in camera, with noise exposure lower than 45dB and no assembly or leveling required. The V1 Pro also features a “Sprite” direct extruder for smooth feeding and precision printing, and a Pause When Door is Opened function to ensure safety.

  • Low-noise printing up to 45dB.
  • One-click printing via Creality Cloud App.
  • Pause When Door is Opened safety feature.
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What are the Technical Specifications of the Sermoon V1 Series?

  • Print Volume: 175mm x 175mm x 165mm (6.9" x 6.9" x 6.5")
  • Max Nozzle Temp: 250 C
  • Max Bed Temp: 80 C
  • Print Speed: 50 - 150 mm/s
  • Print Noise: < 45dB
  • Extruder: Sprite Dual-Gear Direct
  • Print Surface: Flexible Steel Magnetic Build Plate
  • Leveling: Automatic
  • Connectivity: WiFi, SD Card
  • Rated Power: 150W
  • Safety Door: V1 Pro only
  • Camera: 1080P, V1 Pro only
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