Design Solutions Curriculum by Pitsco

This set of curriculum created by Pitsco contains 15 hours of curriculum designed to illustrate how an engineer uses 3D printing to prototype new designs.

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Design Solutions includes 15 hours of curriculum that illustrates how an engineer uses 3D printing to prototype new designs. In that time, students learn about copyrights, patents, and trademark protection and how to use basic modeling software. Teams of two are then challenged to create solutions to three problems. These design solutions are then printed using 3D printers. Students present their solutions to the class for review.

Written to address ITEEA Standards for Technological Literacy, Design Solutions enables teachers to address standards while students get the real-world experience of creating a design they are able to hold in their hands when finished.

Design Solutions includes a DVD, teacher’s guide, and 125 student Engineering Notebooks. Designed for use with any 3D printer.

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