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$50 e-NABLE Sponsorship

MatterHackers Digital Designs are easy to access and ready to print within MatterControl.

Digital Design files can be accessed using MatterControl Software, MatterControl Touch or MatterControl Sync. When logged in, Digital Designs can be found within the "Purchased" folder of your MatterControl Cloud Library.

Schools, libraries, and e-NABLE chapters around the world are in need of 3D printers, filament, and other accessories to make e-NABLE assistive devices for people around the world. You can help by sponsoring MatterHackers gift cards, which will be redeemed by to fulfill the wishlists of participating organizations.
Enter your own address for billing and shipping, and will be in touch to confirm your sponsorship. ITEMS INDICATED AS SPONSORED WILL NOT BE SHIPPED TO YOU.

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